Thursday, December 22, 2011

Real Freedom: I Couldn't Have Said It Better!

By: Bro. Abu Khattab

You call me weird but I say that I’m different,
You call me barbaric but I say I’m risk free.
You call me a loser but I’m thankful for my possessions,
You call me fanatical but I only obey.

You call me ugly but to my Lord I’m beautiful,
You call me backwards but I’m always looking forward.
You call me a loner but I have my Lord,
You call me trouble but I’m not breaking His Laws.
You call me unsocial but would I mix with corruption?
You call me a terrorist but I fight for my freedom.
A freedom of justice and peace in the lands,
Ruled under the laws of our Creator and Sustainer.

Do you not call your wars the same?
That you fight for freedom of the people around.
We do the same except ours is the truth,
For you aim to reap riches and expand your command.

Freedom isn’t the ability to collect your wealth,
And storing it then dying without spending a cent.
Freedom is the ability of collecting your wealth,
Then spreading it to the poor across the lands.

Freedom isn’t the ability to fornicate with others,
Then being bed ridden from disease for the rest of your life.
Freedom is marriage where you are able to choose,
And if a reason is presented, then separate happily.

Freedom isn’t taking out a loan full of usury,
Then being unable to pay it because you cannot afford it.
Freedom is asking your Lord for help,
Then if it is good for you it will come your way.

Freedom isn’t being able to undress in the streets,
And be paraded around and stared at like an animal.
Freedom is modesty where you have control,
Of who gets to see you and what they’re able to do.

Freedom isn’t what you deem as freedom,
For freedom benefits and doesn’t destroy.
Freedom lasts and would never fall,
Our freedom has lasted since the dawn of man.

But you fail to accept the destruction you’ve caused,
And you continue to fight the light that shines.
Your days are numbered and I’m counting down,
Where truth will prevail over the falseness of man.

So you call me extreme for what I have to say,
But as I said I am only one who obeys.
The debt collector comes when your time is up,
So what will you say O one who disobeys?

You call me dark but I follow the light,
You call me stupid but I’m the one who believes.
You call me different but this when I pause,
I am not different but you should call me strange…

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